Week 3 fitness results

Well, three weeks in, exercising pretty hard every day and eating keto, and I’ve proven to myself that your lifestyle has a huge impact on your body.

This past week I stuck very well with my workout plan, doing Hard Corps resistance training three times, went for two long runs and one long bike ride. I also stuck with my eating plan, mostly because I went shopping and stocked up on veggies and meat, and bought no bread. Preparation is such a huge part of self-control!

I’ve always believed that “what gets measured gets done,” so one of my tricks to stick to my plan is to capture my activities and results on a white board that I hang where I can’t ignore it, right in my main living area. Otherwise it’s too easy to lose track of the plan.

As for results, I’ve lost a bunch of body fat and gained a bunch of muscle, netting out at one pound overall weight loss. This highlights for me what a terrible metric body weight really is. If my weight was all that mattered, I would be really disappointed right now, and unable to celebrate all the positive body changes that have happened.

Planning to keep it up for week 4, making no major adjustments to the plan.

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