What to eat on Keto

As you know if you’ve been following along the fitness thread so far, I’ve been getting back into my ketogenic diet. To recap, that’s a low carb, high fat diet (yes, high fat!) and it’s really the only way I’ve ever successfully lost weight.

This means I’m completely cutting out sugar, which is straight-up carbohydrate. (It may also be toxic in its own right, but that’s a whole ‘nother story!) I’m also avoiding what you might call “starches” because that’s just one step away from sugar. In fact starch turns into sugar in your body almost immediately. This means you can eat no grains. This is the hardest part for me, because as a person with 51% Danish blood, I was obviously raised on bread, butter and cheese!

It’s not so obvious but most root vegetables are also very high in carbohydrates, so no potatoes, no carrots, etc. Make sense?

So what does that leave us? What exactly am I eating, to get myself through the day? I mean yes, you can easily go buy a keto cookbook to answer this question thoroughly and completely, but frankly I’m more of a grazer. So here’s what I’m eating.

Breakfast. I’m not usually very hungry in the morning, so I’ll skip the bacon and eggs and instead have some cottage cheese with berries. Yes, berries have sugar in them, but not a lot compared to all that water and fiber.

Let’s not forget coffee! I take it black anyway. No carbs there. I drink a pot.

For the middle of the day, I like to grab snacks rather than taking time to organize an actual meal. So I’ll have a handful of almonds and walnuts, or I’ll pile up a big green salad out of a bag, and lots of dressing. I love to have raw veggies like cauliflower, broccoli or celery dipped generously in hummous. I also love boiled eggs and salt!

Another huge staple for me is greek salad! Basically all veggies, with some feta and kalamata olives on it. Drizzle liberally with balsamic dressing. How can this not be amazing?

Lots of people on keto diets eat a lot of meat, but frankly I prefer to avoid it for various reasons. If I want meat, I’ll lean towards chicken or ham because they are more efficient in terms of land use. Enough said on that topic.

Speaking of meat, let’s talk dinner. Lately I’ve been enjoying slow-cooker chicken stew. This could not possibly be easier to make. Literally you put a can of crushed tomatoes and a few chicken thighs into the slow cooker with some low-starch veggies like squash or (if you must cheat a bit) potatoes and carrots. Press the “cook” button and eight hours later, vast quantities of stew that you can save in the fridge for many, many days. A bachelor’s dream!

Quick note about water and fiber. Get as much as you can. The benefits of the water are many, including making you feel more full. Likewise the fiber will fill your belly and keep everything moving. This is one of the problems with high protein diets – there is no fiber in a steak.

And I know you’re wondering – what about snacks? What am I eating while I watch Netflix in the evening? Potato chips and corn ships are clearly non-starters. Fortunately I like pork rinds, because they are salty and crunchy and cheap. And they’re basically all fat, which fits the diet perfectly.

Finally, if you’re in that awkward transition period early in the game while your body is screaming for a loaf of bread, and you don’t mind a little alcohol, have a whiskey. White Owl has definitely eased my transition into keto on several occasions.


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