Fitness experiment – week 1 results

Well that was a great week! As you can see I like to track these things on the whiteboard in my main room, so it’s hard to ignore it. And I managed six workouts in 7 days – I went running 3 times, did my Hard Corps resistance routine twice, went for a long walk one day, and a long cycle another.

I can already tell my body is adapting to my new activity level, and changing. I was sore for a couple of days after that first resistance workout, but one week in I already feel stronger and I can see I’ve lost some fat off my belly.

I also have done a pretty good job of sticking to the Keto diet! Other than a half piece of cake one day and a piece of toast another, I’ve been eating mostly veggies and tasty fat. I know I’ve done pretty well because I have “keto sticks” to test the level of ketones in my system. Those are a huge help, because having real data give you confidence that things are working as they should.

Now did I lose weight? No I did not. My scale reading is unchanged, or even slightly higher than it was a week ago. That can be discouraging, for sure! So I did a bit of research.

When you go from sedentary to active, your body has to change. One of the ways it changes is to store more muscle energy, in the form of glycogen. Now I’ve heard of glycogen before, but I didn’t realize how it might affect scale weight. Glycogen is basically glucose plus water, and each gram of glucose so stored goes along with 3 grams of water! So clearly it’s heavy stuff! This article gives some great detail. But in a nutshell, don’t worry if you don’t actually lose weight for one to three weeks – it’s normal.

And I already feel much better physically, so I don’t care.

Stay tuned for more.

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