Time for a fitness experiment

Well here we go again. I’ve spent three months dealing with business stress, getting very little exercise, eating whatever is easy to get, and my body has suffered. I’m 15 pounds heavier than I was last year, when I was training for that triathlon. I don’t feel good!  Plus the business stress is handled. So it’s time to fix this again.

Current weight: 186 pounds
Target weight: 174 pounds

So I want to lose 12 pounds. What’s the plan?

I believe that weight loss is 80% what you eat, and 20% exercise. Of course there are a ton of other good reasons to exercise, so I won’t skimp on that. But with respect to the diet part, I’ve had success in the past going Ketogenic. That’s basically a low carb, high fat diet. Yes, high fat.

Don’t confuse it with a high protein diet like Atkins. I’m sure that can work, but it’s pretty hard on your system, digesting all that protein. It may not be terribly safe, according to Web MD.  And the more immediate problem is that I don’t believe in eating a ton of meat, for various reasons.

Ketogenic diets on the other hand rely on eating low carbs, like less than 50g per day, but plenty of fat. So I eat lots of nuts, avocados, salads with dressing, eggs, veggies and hummous, and so forth. The picture on the Web MD slideshow is really misleading – where are all the veggies?? If I ate what’s in that picture, I would probably feel awful.

Keto diets are also great for type 2 diabetics, because being low in carbs they help control blood sugar. I’m not diabetic (at least not yet!) but my blood sugar results are higher than I would like. The Keto thing helps a lot.

And what about the exercise? Like I said, I won’t skimp on that because I want to feel fit, strong and healthy again as soon as possible. I’ll do something every day at a reasonable intensity level. I might spend 22 minutes on a home workout with Tony Horton, I might go run around Trout Lake (two miles of beautiful scenery), or I might go for a bike ride.

Stay tuned and wish me luck!

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